QiiQ was borne from a pivot – of another company called PlanetECG. We were working on a new strategy for impacting clinical competency. We were exercising some clever innovations in the training domain, yet in the process of creating our solution, we found that the market was over-saturated. And about as chaotic as could be imagined. Despite the importance of the field of clinical training, and it’s relevance for the future, we had to accept that the fight to win a place in the packed marketplace was going to cost more than we could justify.

Additionally, we also found that no matter what we offered the world, our results were still at the mercy of how clinicians actually performed in the field. THAT was something to which we faced an inevitable gap: there was no obvious or simple way to measure/monitor the effect of our training interventions. This challenge led us down a new path…

Clinical performance measurement is so critical in the evolution of the American healthcare system. Value-based reimbursement enforces measurement and incentivizes quality improvement. We see ways that inexpensive technology can play a big role in assisting hospitals and clinics in managing these new forces, and this really does land in our sweet spot. We also saw that we could keep our ultimate goals intact, while changing HOW we pursued those goals.

So off we set – with gusto and a new plan that truly excites.