Calling all ER physicians:

Make your workday easier!

As a healthcare worker, your administrative work currently eats up 50% or more of your working hours.  Sometimes you even have to take it home.
Introducing a beautifully-designed augmented intelligence (AI) assistant made for you. This voice-friendly app makes it faster/easier to complete the clerical work that keeps you from spending more time on the work that you actually trained to do: care for patients.

Freedom to Work How You Like

You’re no longer tethered to a workstation. You don’t have to orbit a landline phone. No need to search for a clipboard or a file folder. In fact, eventually you won’t even need to keep pulling your phone out of your pocket.

One App; Many Capabilities

app icons

Different strokes for different folks. The challenges you face in your hospital are likely dissimilar to those of your colleagues who work in other systems on different infrastructure. The good news is, you can all use the same app in ways that suit your individual workflows. It’s really up to you.

Easy & Safe Communications

safe communications

We recognize that your IT department has a very low tolerance for risk. So between QiiQ and our delivery partners, everyone (including the most meticulous IT gatekeeper) can sleep at night knowing that there is no reason to worry about hackers and invaders.

Only the Notifications You Need


We want to help you avoid Alert Fatigue.  We make it easy for you to set the alerts you want for a patient. Tell the QiiQ Assistant that you need to know when your patient’s temperature hits a threshold. Only then will you receive a notification.

Easy to Learn; Easy to Use


So many IT products require days of training. This tool has a simple user interface – you will instantly recognize how to operate it. And of course, you can always ask us for help!

Discover How it Can Improve Your Productivity

You can download and try the QiiQ Assistant. Get it here. In demo mode, it loads synthetic patient data.  If you dive in deep and fully explore the features, you’ll get a great sense of how it’ll be to use it in your hospital. 

Fire Up Your ER Workflow.

Say Hello to the QiiQ Assistant.

Innovation in your pocket

We have one product, which in turn has a variety of critical capabilities:

  • instant access to patient data, by screen or voice
  • notifications of critical patient developments
  • instant orders (e.g., labs, images), by screen or voice
  • quick note capture, by screen or voice
  • secure team messaging

For Us; By Us

The QiiQ Assistant is the brainchild of an emergency physician who designed it for his own work. We figured, why not share the benefits with the world?!

And we’re Bringing It to

The Smartwatch

Want to keep your phone in your pocket? Imagine receiving and responding to your alerts on your Smartwatch. We’re making it possible.

Get QiiQ Assistant Now!

An Invaluable Tool for Your Workflow…

…You’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Try it. Like it. Then let us know you want it in your hospital. We’ll get it in there. We’re ready for some heavy lifting!

Get the QiiQ Assistant Now!

Main Screens

We’ve thought a lot about how to present patient data – to make it most easily consumed by busy providers.

iPhone My Patients

My Patient List

Patient Summary



Message History

We’re here to help you succeed.

If you love the QiiQ Assistant as much as we do, you can count on us to help you get it deployed in your hospital. Just ask us!

Available today; Just ask.

Talk with us. You’ll find first hand how committed we are to transforming hospital operations in ways that everyone will love.

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