Danger and Opportunity

Launching and running a startup is not for the faint of heart. Danger lurks everywhere. We've been talking about this a lot lately. As things really start to lift off for us, we're increasingly conscious of the peril of missteps; there is more and more to lose by making the 'wrong' move. I've been observing how stultifying this can be.  The fear of "blowing it" as our ship leaves the port is powerful. This evening I was discussing this challenge [...]

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Out of the Cupboard – a Design Insight

As a CEO who deeply believes that "getting it right" is really really hard, I sometimes have to defend the importance of design. This morning I found myself contemplating that conversation once again. And this time, the designer's talents for empathy and reflection emerged as two key abilities that can make all the difference to a product's appeal. Consider the almost unconscious elements of opening and closing a cupboard door. Designers and engineers have refined the mechanisms that dampen the [...]

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Healthtech Built for… People Who Care

Before I started on the QiiQ path, I was warned that achieving traction in healthtech is VERY difficult and takes a lot of patience. One savvy veteran warned that it will inevitably be a "long slog." At QiiQ, we're all of the mind that the work we do now to aim the ship, the greater the probability we'll be successful with our efforts. A common generalization: there are primarily 2 markets for the value we're seeking to build: 1) clinicians 2) administrators [...]

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