As detailed in my previous post, QiiQ is at the beginning of a very long and complicated journey. We need more people to help make this happen.
Like all startups, we need “doers” – people who will complete some of the sweaty work required in execution. For example, while thousands of hospitals continue to struggle with arcane tools, we need colleagues and partners to actively engage with some of these sites and bring us together in active deployment of better systems.
We also welcome advice.  In a world where everyone has an abundance of other priorities, the willingness to spend time talking with us about QiiQ, is an act of love. To our good fortune, we are getting a LOT of advice, residing largely in 2 categories:
  1. commodities – “startup 101” insights that can be delivered without effort and close scrutiny.
  2. specialist’s craft – guidance composed out of deep analysis of the circumstances and a highly refined grasp of affordable strategies and tactics.
The first is by far the dominant form of advice we receive. Given all the time we’ve spent on QiiQ – putting ourselves in front of hundreds of experts on Startup strategies – the value of most commodity advice has diminished. Yet, we still get gems!
The second kind of advice tends to be more valuable to us at this stage in our development.  Expert advice from craft specialists can go a LONG way to protecting the investment we all have in QiiQ, and its goal of building a more robust healthcare system. We want to hear more from you.