QiiQ is a team of healthcare and technology experts, working to improve hospital operations. Focusing initially on the ER, we’re building a natural-language AI that helps clinicians use their time and energy more efficiently.

Among other things, we are automating functions of the medical scribe.

Our Manifesto

This is an incredibly exciting time to be in healthcare, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  According to Harvard economist Michael E Porter, this is the time for the industry to embrace change.  We recognize it’s happening, despite enormous resistance from all corners. We’re on your side, and want to help make it easier for all clinical staff. We’re very comfortable with technology, and can make it easier for you, too. We’re at your service!

Skills We Use

Listening/Collaborating 95%
App Design 89%
User Interface 97%
Software 90%

Team Members

Dave Brown

Every new company needs a founder, a driver – eager and willing to confront the challenges lying inevitably around every corner.

Now: founder/ceo.
Then: Frog Design, Intuit, GTE.
Whatever: World Champion Athlete

Thanos Melisiotis

In the lead on our Virtual Assistant effort, Thanos represents the efficiency needs of our clinician users. He’s building for his peeps.

Now: informatics wiz, emergency physician.
Then: Drexel U, Chiron Medical Tech’s.
Whatever: Chef, New Dad to twins.

Vlad Burlik

Vlad has been immersed in NLP for many years now, turning his attention to healthcare applications in recent years.

Now: natural language ai specialist.
Then: Nokia, HERE Maps.
Whatever: Drones, Photography.

Cedric Tang

Passionate commitment to doing the job right is a vital asset when building apps for busy users. To that end, we found our team player…

Now: Senior Application Developer.
Then: Beyowi, Gameloft.
Whatever: Martial Artist.

Jonathan Aitken

No modern tech enterprise will survive without a disciplined realist with a strong passion for UX. We didn’t compromise…

Now: chief creative.
Then: Emily Carr University, Ryerson U.
Whatever: Hardcore Outdoorsman.

Ted Leung

Years in software engineering and development leadership makes Ted a huge asset. Experience in EHR tech even moreso!

Now: healthtech software architect.
Then: TIIIP Health, Oscar / Caisi.
Whatever: Software Design.

Raegan Paul

Raegan has years in product management, and knows how to “get it right.” He’s guiding our customer-facing efforts.

Now: customer experience advisor.
Then: Telus Health, IMS Health, WiPro.
Whatever: Real Estate Investing.

Karen Parent

No-one knows clinical workflow like Karen. Years of studies and workflow consulting have honed a clear grasp…

Now: operations advisor.
Then: Workflow Integrity Network.
Whatever: National Traveler.



Tweets from QiiQ

My most precious musical hero has died. Rush drummer Neil Peart succumbed to brain cancer: cbc.ca/news/entertain… heart=broken.