Fundraising – UGH!

I've talked to so many other startup founders.  And I've read about yet hundreds more. One thing that everyone has in common: nobody likes fundraising for their company. Naturally so!  We all want to focus on building a cool product & making customers happy. And so it goes with us. Time Commitment There is little doubt that we spend WAAAYYYY less time and energy on raising money that most founding teams of startups that are taking the venture funding route [...]

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A Journey of Destinations

From the beginning of the road, our efforts have been directed at the challenges faced by those delivering care in the ER, and indirectly, their patients. This is a vastly different orientation than many technology startups. (It's instead quite common to develop exciting new technologies, and search for markets that might be interested in that tech.) So what has happened over the time that we've been focusing on "problems plaguing ER workflow," is that we've come up with a single [...]

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